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Chillers provide highly efficient comfort solutions for all kinds of applications – from small retail projects to large commercial and district cooling schemes. Many kinds of energy intensive, specialist industrial operations depend on chillers for precise control of process cooling and climate management. When combined with fan coil units for indoor heating and cooling, a chiller can also control the climate in your work processes. So when it comes to chilled water systems, one size certainly does not fit all. Daikin has a comprehensive range of chillers to meet every requirement, offering advanced technologies that optimize performance, whatever the environment.

Energy Efficient Chiller Innvovation
Blue Star chillers include many energy-efficient innovations such as inverter controls, free cooling, heat recovery and high efficiency compressors, so you can depend on a Daikin chiller for the very highest levels of energy efficiency and reliability throughout it long service life.

In-House Compressor Development
Blue Star produces its own compressors at the heart of the chiller, to ensure optimum performance and versatility:
Swing compressors for mini chillers have fewer moving parts, so are smoother and more reliable, producing low vibration and friction, resulting in a quiet and efficient operation
Scroll compressors offer a compact, simple and robust design, delivering constant reliability and efficiency for small and medium capacity, air and water cooled chillers
Frictionless centrifugal compressors have a magnetic bearing system, which significantly increases unit reliability and reduces maintenance costs.
Single screw step less compressors are used in Blue Star’s largest chillers, delivering unparalleled reliability and efficiency for the highest capacity and performance models
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